Monday, September 29, 2008

The kid has a blog

Yesterday, I allowed Z to create a blog of his own on Blogger, but asked him to mark it "by invite only" for now. With his permission, I'm cross-posting his first post here. The style may seem not unfamiliar, but parents know that imitation with minor variation is the root of creativity. Without further ado, I present "phantaKid's" first blog post:

Title: Badminton
Today, I was playing badminton. I was having a conversation with dad:

Me: Remember that overly optimistic guy from The Series of Unfortunate Events? I think his name was Lenny or something.
Dad:Yup. He reminds me of Black Knight from Monty Python
Me: Oh yeah.
"Look, your arm's cut off!" says King Arthur.
"It's just a flesh wound," says the Black Knight.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sponge Bob

Z: Mr. Krabs is so obsessed with money. He'd rather poison his customers than throw out an old krabby-patty.
Dad: Yeah. That's funny. You know what he doesn't think about?
Z: ???
Dad: Who'll give him money tomorrow if his customers stay away or die?

I won't block the stereotypes, but I can plant some vaccinating thoughts.