Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ferris Wheel

[Narrated by dad, using Z's "voice"]
My " Wordly Wise" book had a comprehension lesson about the London Eye. It is a huge Ferris Wheel in London. I don't think it could be that much fun, because it takes half and hour to make one circle. If you buy two tickets and give it to the ticket-checker, I wonder if they'll let you ride for one hour.

I also learnt that the Ferris Wheel was invented by Mr. Ferris in 1893. Daddy says that in India, they used to call them "Giant Wheels".

Thursday, October 13, 2005

School Journal

[Narrated by dad, using Z's "voice"]
We each have a journal where we wirte the things we did in school that day. Here are some entries from my journal.

Oct 6th:
  • Research
  • SRA
  • Math, division card in my head
  • Land and Water formations
  • Creative Writing: My Super Sundae
  • No Espanol today. I'm sad :(

Oct 7th:
  • Research
  • Math facts quiz
  • Map
  • Spelling quiz
  • Math
  • SRA: What if ice didn't float?
  • Espanol in Upper Elementary

Oct 10th:
  • No school, Yay!
  • It's Columbus Day!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My drive to school

[Narrated by dad, using Z's "voice"]
We went by mummy's office on the way to school because she forgot her lunch at home. Now I know which building she's in. I knew it was one of the white buildings. It is the third one. It has three floors. The parking lot has a 15 MPH speed limit. There's also a side exit out of the parking lot... easier on the way back to school. By that exit, the main road has two lanes and is 25MPH. Then, it becomes 4 lanes and 40 MPH.

Daddy said: "Very interesting, Z, my little sponge."

I love winter

Z: I love winter. I can play in the snow.