Thursday, February 07, 2008

28N / 77E

Z is learning about latitude and longitude. So, I gave him an idea for a game. He liked it, and we played it yesterday.

First, we have a reference card with the names of 5 cities, from all over the world, with their latitude and longitude written down.
  • One person takes up an atlas (Goode's is good), finds a fairly well known city, and says it's latitude and longitude.
  • The other person has to guess the city. They can consult the reference card.
  • If you guess wrong, you're told "Go East", or "Go North-West", etc.
  • You get three guesses. Three points for getting it on the first guess, 1 for the third guess.

Running out of dreams

Sometimes (rarely) Z will have a nightmare and require a few minutes of comforting. The other night, a call from the son, and a prod from the wife and I stumbled to his room, trying to move from irritated woken sleeper to comforting father.

Me: Hey sweetie, had a nightmare?
Z: No, I had three good dreams, but they woke me up.
Me: Why did you call out, then?
Z: I didn't have any more dreams to go to sleep with.