Thursday, May 28, 2009

TV Censorship

Z watches many of his TV shows over the internet these days. It is the modern way to"time shift". Channels like Cartoon network and Nickelodeon serve up videos on demand, with ads included.

Occasionally, he will go to some international site and watch a Japanese version. Sometimes this is because a Japanese (original) episode does not make it to the U.S. version. At other times because they're slightly different, and he wants to see the original.

He tells me about some of the differences.
  • In one Yu-Gi-Oh show, they mentioned that some guy had died. In the Japanese version, they actually showed him being smacked by a car.
  • Blood goes away in some U.S. episodes where it is gory in the Japanese ones (I guess cartoon violence is allowed for most TV rating categories if there's no blood and death; but if you have those two evil things you may not get the lower "Y7" ratings)
  • In one Japanese episode some evil scientist creates some pill to give him powers, but this was changed to something else in the U.S. version, and the wikis say it is because of the "drug reference"
Mostly silly changes like that!


Blogger Tenure said...

Yeah, 4Kids is well known for its ridiculous behavior in this regard. They are waaay too touchy on this subject, but I would not be surprised if years of law-suits and legal threats has led to the FCC keeping a very close eye on kid's programming.

To their credit, however, they themselves have put the Japanese episodes up online, for free, so that people may watch them. I commend them for that.

If you want to want some relief from Yu-Gi-Oh, this parody is quite funny:

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