Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ketchup Patterns

It started years ago as a way to make my son laugh. When I squeeze ketchup on his plate, I usually draw something: a smiley-face, a word , a symbol (e.g. a heart if it's Valentine's day). Getting philosophic about it, it's pretty cool to pack fill one's life with little values like that.

Strikes me that this is the kind of thing Martha Stewart was teaching, in principle, in a different setting. It just a little bit of added fun to something that's otherwise unspectacular. It's "a good thing", as long as it remains a non-sacrificial value. That's to say, the enjoyment you get from it is worth the effort that goes into it.

As for the "Sat" in the picture here, what can I say... it was an early breakfast and my mind was sluggish. It was Saturday.. so, "Sat" it was.


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