Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer Camp

Summer camp time is over. Last year was a couple weeks Soccer, 1 week of "Camp Invention" and the YMCA's park-picnics for most of the rest. This year, there was a bit of the Y, but the rest was more varied, they included:
  • Photography
  • Computer games
  • Computer programming
  • How is that made?
  • Clay modeling
  • Garbage
All in all, it was better than the Y -- less tedious. The bunch of kids that attend these camps (at a "school for gifted kids (sic))" are a more intellectual lot: they play chess in their breaks, where the Y did not have chess boards.

We're not too impressed with this school. The advantage of putting a kid there would be that they'd be with more intellectually motivated kids of parents who have educational aims more in line with ours. That is an advantage. However, the school itself has not impressed me with any special attitude toward education.

There are some airports where folks hold flying camps for kids as young as 13 years old. Still a way away, but that really would be cool!


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