Friday, September 29, 2006

Teaching someone to fish

While driving Z to school, we have some cool conversations. Here is one, prompted by something the guy on the radio said...

Dad: Which one is better for the guy who is teaching?
Z: To teach him to fish.
Z: So, he does not need to keep fishing for the other guy.
Dad:And, what about for the other guy, not the fisherman, but the guy who wants fish. What's better for him?
Z: Hmm! Maybe, for someone to give him fish?
Z: So he does not have to do it himself?
Dad:Yes, that's one way to look at it. So, let's take an example. In your class, you third-graders help the first graders with their creative writing tasks, right? (It's a mixed-grade class, and at the beginning of the year, the third graders teach the younger ones lots of stuff.)
Z: Yup.
Dad:And you were saying that S is lucky, because his first-grader already knows how do do stuff?
Z: Yup.
Dad:Now, if you remember being a first grader, would you like to be doing the creative writing on your own, or would you want to be asking for help?
Z: On my own.
Dad:Is it more fun doing creative writing on your own, or not knowing how and getting help?
Z: Doing it on your own.
Dad:It's the same with fishing, people like to fish. It isn't about fishing. Doing stuff and being occupied makes us happy. We want to rest, but mostly we like being busy. That's just how we are.


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