Thursday, October 04, 2007

Little Super Admin

Kids often imitate their parents. So, it's no surprise that Z uses so much software. He started on Word and Excel years ago. Next, he wanted Microsoft Money, because he wanted to make "his own accounts". At first all imaginary, but now he's started to use some of it to keep track of his cash. (His net worth is a little over $200.)

Then, he was curious about web-based software. So, I also set up a Content Management system on a private web-site for him to post his creative-writing, poems etc. He loves playing with the administrative stuff, changing skins and so on.

Since I help to administer a forum, he asks about that. ("Dad you're the second highest poster...if you post another 80 posts, you can beat D.O., and you'll also get a 6th star against your ID.") After fielding a lot of questions, I finally set up a little forum for him (on a private site): with him and two parents as the members. A couple of older cousins signed up, but didn't bother to post. He loves using the Admin stuff: creating new sub-forums, and even issuing warnings to one of us, for some imagined infraction. Every now and then he'll plead: "Can you please post to my forum; I'm the only one posting there!"


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