Thursday, September 29, 2005

About this blog

This is my son's blog. No, not really his, he's just 7 years old. I wanted to chronicle some of the little things that I'd have fun remembering later (like a memory-album).

Sometimes, I use a 'faux voice' that supposedly is his, because I think it can better express some of his attitudes and reasoning. Someday, he'll have a real blog of his own.

As for the title, 7 year olds are not Objectivist (the anarchist little tykes!), the original by-line 'my dad reads Ayn Rand' describes the extent of my son's philosophical leanings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, just ran into your blogs. We too are kids, bloggings. Check out them there:



I'll read more of yours and comment on them later...


7:40 AM  

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